Daniluk Family Reunion

June 29, 2002, Syracuse, NY

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The reunion was a great success. Thanks to Sam and Ann for organizing it, and thanks to all the family (and friends) who participated, for making it a memorable event.

This page will continue to be maintained to collect comments, photos and any other information that might be of interest to the extended Daniluk family. Let me know (via email or via the comments form) if any of you have things to add.

New! Photo Gallery!
Here are my pictures from the reunion dinner.
(If you want reprints or enlargements of any of these, you can order them online from the Mystic Photo Center until early August 2002. Use the following links:     Roll One       Roll Two       Roll Three )

About this page (the webmaster speaks) ...
I apologize for the address change, but I think it was worth it. Now we have a real domain name for the web site, so that the address is easier to remember and type in. Plus, we now have enough disk space to store some pictures. I'll maintain this page for a few more months, or as long as anyone shows interest.

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