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These are some of the tools I use for developing my websites. I'm not claiming these are the best, but they serve me well. Most of them are available in newer and better versions.

Macromedia HomeSite 5. Macromedia, Inc. http://www.macromedia.com

A very simple but powerful HTML editor. You have to know HTML, but the features of the editor help you with syntax and keywords, so it's not quite as challenging as using something like Notepad.

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004, version 7.0. Macromedia, Inc. http://www.macromedia.com

Lets you develop your web pages either by writing the HTML directly or with a WYSIWYG design view. A good combination of features that makes it easy to develop pages quickly without sacrificing control over the actual HTML. The template feature is especially useful.

Adobe Acrobat, version Adobe, Inc. http://www.adobe.com

For converting documents to Acrobat (PDF) format.

Jasc Paint Shop Pro, version 7.04. Jasc Software, Inc. http://www.corel.com

For vector and raster graphics. There are more recent versions, but I haven't upgraded yet.

Arles Image Web Page Creator, version 5.2.2 http://www.digitaldutch.com/arles

A shareware product that makes it easy to create photo galleries. The photo gallery for www.sammybarnes.com was created with this product.

IPSwitch WS_FTP Pro, version 8.03 http://www.ipswitch.com

An FTP program allows you to transfer files over the Internet between a local PC and a server. There are many to choose from.

OneWorldHosting.com http://www.oneworldhosting.com

This is the web hosting provider I work with. The resellers program makes a standard web site quite affordable. Most of my websites use the standard plan that includes free domain registration.

123CheapHosting.com http://www.123cheaphosting.com

A budget hosting service affiliated with OneWorldHosting, for low-end, low-cost websites.

PayPal.com http://www.paypal.com

The simplest e-commerce provider. Both www.fmco.com and www.metropolitanwinds.com use PayPal for accepting donations.

Verizon Online http://netservices.verizon.net

My Internet Service Provider. I recently upgraded to Fiber DSL, and so far it's great. My only complaint is that Verizon is much too aggressive about filtering spam at the network level. When I configure an email address at one of the OneWorldHosting domains to forward messages, Verizon users cannot receive the forwarded messages. This problem has been in effect since early 2004.

NetworkSolutions.com http://www.networksolutions.com

This is the registrar I prefer for websites where it's not appropriate to use the domain registration that comes free with my hosting service.

Photos.com http://www.photos.com

The customer for www.supplypartners.com wanted photographs for the website. I found royalty-free photos at a reasonable price here. It is a little disconcerting, however, when you start seeing the same photos showing up other places.

WhoIs http://www.internic.net/whois.html

This is a great tool when you're trying to find out background information about a website. Almost every registrar has a "whois" service, but this one is not affiliated with a vendor. You enter a domain name and it will tell you who it is registered to and when the registration was done. Sometimes this helps you decide whether a website is legitimate or not. Recently registrars have started to offer ways to keep your personal information hidden from WhoIs inquiries. Sometimes you can get more information by figuring out who the registrar for the domain is, then using the WhoIs service at that registrar's website.

Niederst, Jennifer. Learning Web Design. Sebastopol: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 2001.

See the second edition at Amazon

A really nice book to teach beginners how to make web sites. It covers both basic HTML and design tips, including how a web page should be different from a printed page. There are brief mentions of technologies other than HTML, enough to give you an idea of whether you want to persue them or not. I used the first edition.

Goodman, Danny. Dynamic HTML, the Definitive Reference. Sebastopol: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc., 1998.

See the second edition at Amazon

The Niederst book is good for learning, but once you know the basics you need a reference manual to get detailed syntax information. This book covers HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, and the Document Object Model (DOM), which you need for Javascript. I used the first edition.

Ullman, Larry. PHP for the World Wide Web. Berkeley: Peachpit Press, 2001.

See the second edition at Amazon

PHP is a server-side technology for making dynamic web pages. I used the first edition.

Ullman, Larry. PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites. Berkeley: Peachpit Press, 2003.

See it at Amazon.

Combining PHP with a MySQL database makes a web page that can store and retrieve information in a database.

W3Schools http://www.w3schools.com

This is a collection of tutorials and references about web development technologies. I used the tutorials for Javascript and PHP. I also use their HTML Color Names page for picking colors for my web pages.

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