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Towards the end of 2001, finding myself with some free time, I decided it was time to learn HTML. I got a couple of books and started reading. At first I experimented with the free web space provided by my ISP, but soon I got permission to take over some non-profit websites that had fallen into neglect. I set up my own domain primarily to have a testbed for prototypes and experiments.

Once word got out that I knew how to make websites, people started to come to me with requests. A former colleague was now connected with a small business that wanted a web presence. My husband had a friend with a small business that wanted a web presence. And another. And another.

In 2003 I entered graduate school at the University of North Texas to earn my Master's of Science in Library and Information Sciences. It turns out that website authoring is a valuable skill in Library Science, because nowadays a great deal of information access is done online. Several of the classes required projects to be presented as websites. A couple of my projects have been adopted by the Grapevine Public Library and are now available to the public through their website.

Here are some of the websites and projects I have worked on. The live websites may have changed since the snapshots shown here. Except where noted, I still maintain the live websites.

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Non-profit Projects

Flower Mound Community Orchestras www.fmco.org
    This is a live website.
    This was my first live website. The Flower Mound Community Orchestras are a non-profit volunteer community and educational orchestra in Flower Mound, Texas. They already had a website but nobody had the time to keep it current, so they were willing to let me take charge.

    Since taking over the site in 2001, I have moved it to a different hosting provider, revised the graphic design twice, and broadened the content. The site now includes regularly updated advertisements for upcoming concerts, PayPal functionality for collecting donations, and an interactive signup sheet for semiannual auditions (implemented with MySQL and PHP). There is a password-protected members-only section for information available only to the orchestra members. The domain also hosts email addresses and mailing lists for the group members.

Metropolitan Winds www.metropolitanwinds.org
    This is a live website.
    The Metropolitan Winds is a non-profit volunteer symphonic band in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. This was my second live website. Like the FMCO, they had a website already but nobody had the time to keep it updated regularly.

     I took over the web site in early 2002. The previous site was on a free web host and did not have a dedicated domain name. I set up the domain, moved the site to a full-service hosting service and redesigned the graphics. Now the site is regularly updated with ads for upcoming concerts. There is a PayPal functionality to let people can make donations or purchase the group's CD. There is a password-protected members-only with frequently-updated member bulletins and calendar information. The domain also hosts email addresses and mailing lists for the group.

Heritage Quest Online Tutorial www.grapevine.lib.tx.us/Heritage%20quest%20online%20help
    This is a live website, now maintained by the Grapevine Public Library.
    Here is the original project done for class. danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/SLIS5615project

    Heritage Quest Online is an online database of historical and genealogical information. This website is a tutorial that teaches how to use the features of the database. I created this web-based tutorial as a project for a class at University of North Texas. The tutorial is now hosted by the Grapevine Public Library.

    At the time I was working on the project, I was also completing my practicum for the Library Science Masters program at the Grapevine Public Library. Since the Grapevine Library offeres Heritage Quest Online as one of their genealogy resources, I offered to give them the tutorial. They put it on their website with almost no changes.

    For more about the class project, see below.

FamilySearch Tutorial www.grapevine.lib.tx.us/FAMILY%20SEARCH%20TUTORIAL/index.html
    This is a live website, but it is now maintained by the Grapevine Public Library.
    Here is the original project submitted as part of my degree requirements. danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/FamilySearchProject

    FamilySearch is a collection of databases and other resources for genealogical research maintained by the Church of Latter-Day Saints. This website is a tutorial that explains how to use the Internet version of the resources. The tutorial is now hosted by the Grapevine Public Library.

    Consider this the sequel of the HeritageQuest Online tutorial. The final requirement for my Masters included the completion of a professional-level project. The Grapevine Public Library cooperated with the project again, and put the finished tutorial on their website.

    For more about the project, see below.

Small Business Projects

SupplyPartners www.supplypartners.com
    This website has been retired.
    SupplyPartners is a small business that sells office and business supplies.

    The website was basically an online brochure with a gateway to the third-party business that provided the online catalog and ordering functionality. The domain also hosted email addresses for the SupplyPartners business.

    The website was retired when the business changed hands. The domain name is now forwarded to another website.

Sammy Barnes Audio Visual Connection www.sammybarnes.com
    This is a live website.
    This is a small business that provides consulting for high-end audio visual and home computing setups.

    The website is an online brochure, including a photo gallery of actual projects.

Kodanja Records www.kodanjarecords.com
    This is a live website.
    This website advertises a CD of Christmas music composed by Randol Alan Bass.

    Originally the site had a gateway to a third-party business that provided ordering and fulfillment functionality. Now it has a link to Amazon.com where the CD can be purchased.

West Haven Karate www.westhavenkarate.com
    This is a live website.
    West Haven Karate is a martial arts school in Lewisville, Texas.

    Unlike the other websites in this portfolio, I did not design this one. The client set up the entire site in a personal ISP web space, then asked me to set up a domain and port the web space to a commercial web hosting service.

The Acoustic Reunion www.theacousticreunion.com
    This is a live website.
    This website advertises a tribute band based in Dallas, Texas.

    Although the website itself is very simple, it ran into some peculiar problems because of IP address conflicts. My best guess is that the IP address had been re-assigned twice recently before it was assigned to this site, and the previous sites were still listed in the Domain Name Server (DNS) system with the IP address that now belonged to The Acoustic Reunion.

    Here was the symptom: when you searched for The Acoustic Reunion in Google, the results would show the content for TheAcousticReuion.com but list it with another domain name. Navigating to that domain -- either by clicking on the Google link or by typing in the URL directly -- would show the TheAcousticReunion.com site with the wrong domain name in the address bar.

    I managed to contact the responsible party for the other domain, explained the situation, and they corrected their DNS entry. Then within a few days the problem surfaced again with another domain, and I had to go through the process again.

    Interestingly enough, Google was the only search engine that showed the problem. Other search engines were not confused by the IP address conflict.

    At the time of this writing, TheAcousticReunion.com is still being enhanced. We recently added a guestbook, and there are plans to add MP3 music clips.

Class projects

These are web-based projects I created or participated in as part of coursework leading to a Masters of Science in Library and Information Science at the University of North Texas between 2003 and 2005.


SLIS 5600 Group Project - LISCH Career Hunters danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/SLIS5600/project/
    This is a copy of the project from Fall 2003. Some external links may be broken now.

    SLIS 5600 is an introduction to reference services. I took the course in Fall 2003 under Dr. Ana Cleveland. The assignment for the group project was to create some kind of reference resource. My group of aspiring librarians decided to make a resource to help people find jobs in the library science field.

    My role in the project was to create the web pages, using material that the others provided. Another team member created the javascript-enabled imagemap, but I modified its behavior to integrate it with the web site.

SLIS 5714 Project - Fred Astaire Fan Site danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/SLIS5714project/astaire_home.html
    This is a copy of the project from Summer 2004. Some external links may be broken now.

    SLIS 5714 is a course in website development. Although I already had some experience in creating websites, I was interested in seeing what I had missed by being a self-taught webmaster. Through this course I learned how to use Dreamweaver and got an introduction to PHP, both of which I have used since then.

    The requirements for the project were simply to create any kind of website using the specific features we had learned in class - internal and external links, images, imagemaps, thumbnail images that display full-size when clicked, forms with validation, javascript, cascading style sheets and so forth. I created a fan site about Fred Astaire. The site is sort of skimpy compared to the amount of material available on the subject, but it met the requirements for the project.

SLIS 5305 Project - Project Plan Presentation danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/SLIS5305/DanilukPresentation/
    This is a copy of the project from Fall 2004. Some external links may be broken now.

    SLIS 5305 is a course in System Analysis. As the field of Library and Information Science involves more and more technology, library professionals need to know the skills for planning and implementing technology projects. Those are the topics covered in this course.

    At the beginning of the course each student chose a hypothetical project, and all the assignments during the course related to the analysis, design and implementation of the individual projects. The final project was to do a presentation showing the need for the project, the proposed solution, comparison of alternative solutions, and an implementation plan. For purposes of the course we had to choose a commercially available software package to implement the system.

    My project was a hypothetical contact management system for the Flower Mound Community Orchestras. The website is just a presentation of the project.

SLIS 5615 Project - Heritage Quest Online Tutorial (also described above)
    Copy of the original project done for class. danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/SLIS5615project
    Live website at the Grapevine Public Library www.grapevine.lib.tx.us/Heritage%20quest%20online%20help

    SLIS 5615 is a course in how to use online databases for reference work. For the midterm project we had to select a database and do a detailed analysis of it. For the final project we had to create a unit of instruction for teaching people how to use the database.

    My final project turned into a web-based tutorial for Heritage Quest Online. The midterm project is included as a reference sheet which can be printed from the tutorial.

    As mentioned earlier, I gave the completed project to the Grapevine Public Library for use with their genealogy resources.

Capstone Project - FamilySearch Tutorial (also described above)
    Copy of the original project submitted as part of my degree requirements. danilukworks.com/UNTprojects/FamilySearchProject
    Live website at the Grapevine Public Library.

    The UNT Capstone Experience is the final part of a Masters' program where the student is supposed to pull together all the coursework from the program into one final learning experience. As part of the Capstone requirements, I had to complete a project, including a needs assessment, project design and implementation, including appropriate evaluations.

    My project was a web-based tutorial for the FamilySearch web site for genealogy research, after the style of my 5615 project. The Grapevine Public Library and the Grapevine Name-Droppers cooperated with the project. The completed project is now part of the Grapevine Public Library's genealogy resources.

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