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Judy Daniluk


Recent Master in Library Science, previous Masters in Computer Science, extensive background in software and web site development, seeking to re-enter the job market.

Skills and Strengths

•  Proficient in Microsoft Windows software development.
•  Experienced in webmastering and web site design.
•  Attention to detail.
•  Ability to work independently, including 3 years successful full-time telecommuting.
•  Ability to work efficiently on multiple tasks in changing environments.
•  Excellent analytic and risk assessment skills.
•  Excellent written communication skills, including technical documents and instructional materials.
•  Recent Master's degree in library and information science.
•  15 years experience working with banking, investment and other financial software applications.
•  18 years as a software professional working with Windows, UNIX and MS-DOS.


•  Windows 2000, NT, XP, 9x, 3.x.
•  HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Perl, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Home Site
•  Jasc Paint Shop Pro.
•  Microsoft Access, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Oracle, FoxPro.
•  Win32 COM client/server OLE architecture with multithreading.
•  C++, Microsoft Visual C++, MFC, Borland C++, OWL, Glockenspiel Commonview.
•  Java, Java Server Pages (JSP), XML.
•  C, Windows SDK, Visual Basic, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), InstallShield.
•  UNIX (System V, System III, BSD 4.2, Version 7, PC/IX, XENIX), Bourne Shell.
•  MS-DOS, 4Dos, PVCS.
•  VT-52 communications emulation.
•  Basic, dBase II, dBase III.


Self-employed: Nov 2001 present

Web Site Developer

•  Provided web site support for small businesses and non-profit organizations, including web site design, interfaces to e-commerce packages, and web site administrative services. Managed web hosting and domain registration agreements. Created custom Internet and print graphics.

•  Created database-linked web application.

•  Created web-based tutorials for online research databases.

Netzee, Inc. (formerly Concentrex, Inc., formerly MECA Software): May 1995 Nov 2001

Senior Software Engineer, Netzee, Inc. / Concentrex, Inc. 1999 2001

•  Developer for Windows-based software tools for Internet banking system. Led 3-person development team April July 2000. Had sole development responsibility 2000 - 2001. Wrote guide for banking system administrators. Developed interface to reporting software, created reports, maintained installation program, created utility programs. Full-time telecommuter.

•  Developer for server-side software for Internet business banking application (2000). Participated in implementation and evaluation of proof-of-concept project for browser-based application for managing investment portfolio (1999). Full-time telecommuter.

Senior Software Engineer, Meca Software 1995 - 1999

•  Developer for Windows-based online banking and personal finance software application, with 6 separate products customized for different financial institutions. Followed 6 products through full life cycle from design through release and customer support. Served as development lead for one project and had senior-level responsibility for others. Full-time telecommuter 1998-1999.

Olivetti Advanced Finance Development (formerly Bunker Ramo): 1987 - 1995

Software Applications Engineer 1990 - 1995

•  Lead engineer for development of Windows application for banking branch automation. Participated in evaluations of programming languages and version control software. Developed methodology for use of version control software. Author of software functional specification document and software design document.

Staff Software Engineer 1987 - 1990

•  Assistant project manager for team of 4 engineers developing UNIX-based distributed applications for banking branch automation.

U.S. Department of Defense: 1980 - 1987

Manager, Terminal Subsystems Applications 1986 - 1987

•  Supervised 6 applications programmers developing distributed UNIX-based software system. Received award for technical paper on the use of the UNIX Shell as a programming language.

PC Support Engineer 1985 - 1986

•  Provided training, systems administration and programming support for PC users. Installed and configured new PC systems. Developed custom software.

Applications Programmer 1983 - 1985

•  Maintained and monitored UNIX software systems. Assisted with system administration. Trained users in custom applications software. Served as liaison between users and software support group.

Foreign Language Analyst 1980 - 1983

•  Translated foreign language material and produced reports for distribution within U.S. government. Trained and supervised 4 to 6 junior employees. Participated in pilot project providing software support to foreign language analysts. Wrote users' guide for software system. Was selected on several occasions to demonstrate software system for upper management, professional organizations, and high-level federal government officials.

Hillside High School , Durham , N.C: 1975 - 1976

Mathematics Teacher

•  Taught ninth and tenth grade General Math and Algebra I courses.


•  M.S. in Library Science, University of North Texas School of Library and Information Science, 2005.
•  Sun Educational Services and Microsoft University programming courses in Java (1999), Windows and C++ (1990, 1991, 1992).
•  M.S. in Computer Science. Johns Hopkins University , Baltimore , MD , 1987.
•  Department of Defense Professional Certificates: Computer Systems (1986) and Language Analyst (1982).
•  National Cryptologic School courses in C, UNIX and other topics. 1980 1986.
•  Graduate study in Linguistics. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill , NC , 1976 1979.
•  B.A. in Math Education. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill , NC , 1975.

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