Nero's Page

About Nero

Breed: Newfoundland
Age: 3 and a half
Interests: sleeping, eating, playing tug

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Frequently Asked Questions about Nero

Isn't he big? (yes. About 140 pounds.)

What kind of dog is he? (a Newfoundland.)

I never knew Saint Bernards came in black. (He's not a Saint Bernard. He's a Newfoundland.)

Is he like a Great Pyrenees? (No. He's like a Newfoundland.)

Isn't he sort of big for a chow? (He's not a chow. He's a Newfoundland.)

That's the biggest dog I've ever seen. (oh.)

Why don't you clip your poodle? (Because he's a Newfoundland.)

Does he bite? (No, but sometimes he pushes people over by accident.)

Isn't it too hot in Texas for a dog like that? (When it gets hot in Texas or anywhere else, it's too hot for any dog to stay outside, regardless of breed. He stays inside in the air conditioning, like us.)

Does he shed? (Yes. Lots. All the time.)

Nero's Frequently Asked Questions

Is it time for supper?

Are you going to finish that food on your plate?

Don't I deserve a treat?

Were you drowning? Are you sure? Aren't you glad I saved you, just to be safe?

Hey! There's somebody outside!

Is that edible?

Were you going outside? Because I only want to go outside if you're going outside.

Were you going inside? Because I only want to go inside if you're going inside.

Were you going in the bathroom? Because I really want to be in the bathroom if you're going to be in the bathroom.

Did you just turn on the shower? Was it for me? I'm ready!

What's that? Be careful! It might be dangerous!

Do you still smell like you used to?

The lifeguard is ON DUTY! Everyone pay attention! The lifeguard is ON DUTY!

Do you wanna play tug? I've got a tug toy here.

Do you wanna play chase? I've got one of the good bath towels here.

Do you wanna play chase? I've got a paperback book here. Oops! the cover ripped off. Oh, well.

Do you wanna give me a treat? I'll sit! I'll lay down! I'll speak! I'll shake hands! I'll roll over! Come on, isn't one of those worth a treat?

Did my tail just hit something?

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