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(A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...)

Lieutenant Michael Daniluk, the ace rebel pilot, expertly guided his X-Wing fighter craft into the landing dock of the captured star cruiser Flower Mound. As he opened the cockpit and climbed out, his black and white R2 unit chirped happily. "That's right, Arty," Michael said, "We did make short work of those seven TIE fighters. The surviving outposts of the Empire won't last long at this rate."

Admiral Akbar rushed up to welcome Lieutenant Daniluk back. "Another successful mission! The Provisional Council of the New Republic is quite impressed. You're sure to be promoted to Rogue Leader if Commander Antilles ever wishes to leave the squadron. Or perhaps you could join Luke as one of his new Jedi. You certainly seemed to have the Force helping you during this last battle."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Admiral," Michael smiled at the Mon Calimari. "I'll serve the Alliance in any way I can." (fade out…)

(New York City, twenty years from now ...)

The National Science Convention presented an award this morning to Professor Michael Daniluk for his astounding mathematical achievements. We were lucky to secure an interview with Professor Daniluk this morning.

"Professor Daniluk, can you tell us how you made the mathematical breakthrough that led to the development of the hyperspace theory?"

"Well, it all started in when I was in the sixth grade at McKamy Middle School in Mrs. Herring's math class, when I realized that the Illudium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator could be used in a hyperbolic reflection …" (fade out…)

(Cerulean City, fifty years from now ...)

This morning we are in Cerulean City, at the grand opening of the new Galactic Trade Building. We have here the architect and builder of this new building, Michael Daniluk. Tell me, Mr. Daniluk, is it true this building is made entirely of Legos?

"Actually, it's only 83% Legos. There's some Capsela, some K'nex, and a lot of parts I just found lying around. For example, the elevators use some old skateboard wheels and the belt of a robe I outgrew ..." (fade out…)

(New York City, thirty years from now ...)

This morning's guest on "Comic Strips Who's Who" is Michael Daniluk, the world famous cartoonist. Mr. Daniluk, can you tell us something about your work?

"My comics are heavily influenced by the comics that I read all the time as a kid. For example, I think my work draws heavily on ideas from Foxtrot, Mutts, and Garfield, with a good dose of Dilbert added for good measure." (fade out…)

(Redmond, Washington, five years from now ...)

Today's big news is that Michael Daniluk, the CEO of DanilukSoft, Incorporated, has just surpassed Bill Gates in wealth. Mr. Daniluk, how did you start your billion-dollar business.

"Well, I just got tired of hearing people complain all the time about unreliable computer programs, so I made something better."

And is it true you coded version one of Danil-OS3 in your garage?

"No, our garage was much too crowded with junk. I did it in my bedroom."

Your bedroom?

"Yeah. My Mom and Dad had a lot of spare computer parts lying around, so I found what I needed to turn my Game Boy Advance into a network terminal for the PCs downstairs, and I wrote my first programs from my bedroom using the power of Mom's and Dad's PCs."

And all this started with a Game Boy.

"No, a Game Boy Advance. I had a Game Boy Color before that, but I didn't start programming until I modified the firmware in my Game Boy Advance."

And was this easy for you?

"No, I kept running out of batteries. In retrospect I guess I should have asked Mom to get me an AC adapter." (fade out …)


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